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Swedish conditions - our niche

Ever since our founders built the first Swedish solar park in 2009, we have helped investors and companies from both Sweden and abroad to build large scale solar parks from the north to the south of Sweden.

An experience that has made us experts on Swedish conditions.

Alight Skurup 28 april 2022-3 (1)

Alight and Martin & Serveras solar park in Skurup.

Kristin och Axel

Left: Kristin Melsnes, CEO of Solgrid A/S. Right: Axel Alm, CEO of Solkompaniet.

About Solkompaniet

Solkompaniet Park EPC is a part of Solkompaniet. Our experts have 20 years of experience in the solar power industry and have built some of Sweden’s largest installations on roofs and solar parks. We cover the development, design, and installation of our projects. Our O&M department provides stable production during the lifespan of the asset. Solkompaniet’s turnover in 2021 was 450 MSEK and we grew from 100 to 180 employees. We always work according to the priority order; safety, quality, productivity.

How we work on sustainability

Solkompaniet backs all United Nation's global Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs, but has chosen to focus on SDG11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities and SDG17 - Partnerships for the Goals, through everything we do, also SDG7, SDG8, SDG9 and SDG12 through how we work. We set high demands on our suppliers and partners and make sure they fit the demands through our supplier qualification process, which we systematically follow up on.


Our Majority Shareholder is Axel Johnson's solar energy subsidiary AxSol, our Minory Shareholders are i.a. IBC SOLAR AG, a leading distributor of energy solutions and services in the field of photovoltaics and storage, and the founder of Adlibris and, Pär Svärdson.

International partnership

Solkompaniet collaborates with thoroughly chosen subcontractors with international and large scale experience, also with international partners within design, products and know how.

EPC - the process

We help you through the entire process. This is a brief summary how the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) process works.

1 – Engineering

Every project has its unique conditions, which we always take into consideration when we bring forward a site-specific design for maximizing yield. Through close collaboration with geologists and subcontractors, we investigate what is specifically required for each unique condition. The data is then used in our design optimization process, and the result is validated continuously by our international network of experts.

2 – Procurement

We collaborate closely with leading contractors through Framework Agreements, and each of our suppliers and partners has to go through our supplier qualification process. Our subsidiary IBC SOLAR AB is a leading distributor of energy solutions and services in the field of photovoltaics and storage. The company offers a complete product range including solar panels, mounting systems, inverters, and batteries. IBC SOLAR AB works closely with Germany based IBC SOLAR AG that was founded in 1982.

3 – Construction

Solar parks are expected to produce solar energy for 40 years. We are experts on Swedish conditions and have a broad experience within Swedish laws and regulations. Through close dialog with authorities and electricity network owners we can help you get all the needed permits to build. Once the park is built, we help you with maintenance (from Service Agreement to Asset Management).

Some of our solar parks 

  • Solar park Aurora, Skurup 18 MW (2022)
  • Solar park Varberg Norra, Varberg 4,8 MW (2021)
  • Solar park Solpunkten, Kristianstad 4 MW (2020)
  • Solar park Östersund, Östersund 3 MW (2019)
  • Solar park Solsidan, Varberg 2,7 MW (2016)
Alight Skurup 28 april 2022-3 (1)

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